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6 Big Reasons to Choose Justice IT Consulting to Support Your Computer Network


We specialize in Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers in DFW. We specialize in IT for the manufacturing industry in DFW. We’ve developed internal processes and systems specific to common ERPs like JobBOSS, M1, Syspro and etc… as well as have streamlined compliance playbooks for cyber security specific to manufacturers.


Cyber Security Audit Assistance Included. Have an upcoming Cyber Security Audit? No more endless billable hours from us while we wait for the auditor to stop asking questions. We’ll be there for the while process to make sure your audit is as successful as possible for free.


We Guarantee Response to Emergencies within 15 Minutes or we Pay You. We know that it’s frustrating to wait on the phone for hours or days to receive an email reply from a vendor that doesn’t even address your issue. We have suffered through that too. We guarantee a response the same day and if it’s an emergency within 15 minutes. Don’t believe us? We’ll credit your bill $250 if we miss it by even a second, no questions asked.


We Provide Friendly Service with No Geek Speak. Guaranteed. What’s up with IT people who think they can talk down to you, over your head or abrasively just because they know a little something about technology? We don’t know--And we don’t like it either. If you happen to catch any of us being unfriendly or speaking geek we’ll send you a crisp $100 bill right out of the ATM as a thank you for letting us know so we can address it.


We Do the Heavy Lifting on Cyber Security Compliance For You. Not only do we install the necessary software or setup the computers for you. We write and implement the required policy documents on your behalf so you don’t have to. Why should you be expected to be an expert compliance and policy creation?


We Focus on Simple and Realistic Approaches Tailored to Your Unique Business. We get that your business is unique and expensive brand names may not always be the best fit for your business. We find and develop a solution unique to your needs and requirements, so we make sure you get an affordable, simple solution that improves the business while keeping costs down.

See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us…

Justice IT is still exceeding our expectations!

Austin and the team at Justice IT are the most personable/professional/efficient IT group I've used over the past 20 years. We are a small business that doesn't have the time or infrastructure to handle IT needs so we outsourced this function to Justice IT upon a recommendation of a client.

We are pleased to say that after nearly two years, Justice IT is still exceeding our expectations.

Brandon Brashears Brandon Brashears Owner
FMR Chemical

Houston, TX
Microsoft 365 Email Services, IT Support, & IT Services Client

They Made it Easy for Us!

Working with [Justice IT Consulting] has been great it has definitely made this process much easier, sorting through all the NIST requirements that can be pretty complex and difficult to understand.

They came in and made it easy for us to understand and navigate through so I am really grateful to have them sort through this and make sense of it all. I am very confident in our plan to move forward and execute this requirement.

Austin Craig Austin Craig CFO
StraCon Services Group
Fort Worth, TX
CMMC Compliance, NIST Compliance, DFARs Compliance & Cybersecurity Services Client

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

We were very overwhelmed with the cyber security requirements and contacted [Justice IT Consulting]. They were very helpful and helped us in a timely manner. They also did training sessions for our employees and we really appreciated all of their help and would highly recommend them to anyone that needed help with the cyber security requirements.

Cathey Hunter Cathey Hunter Owner
APX Plastics
Arlington, TX
CMMC Compliance, NIST Compliance, DFARs Compliance & Cybersecurity Services Client

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About Justice IT Consulting

Founded in 2003, Justice IT Consulting truly believes that technology should be leveraged to make businesses more professional, productive and ultimately more competitive. Technology shouldn’t only be available to the big Fortune 500 companies but should be readily available to small businesses as well.

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