Millions of people are now working remotely for the first time. For many teams working remotely brings new challenges. In this video, we’ll give you three quick tips that can help you stay productive, coming up next …

The remote working is new to a lot of teams. Sometimes it is easy to get lost and lose focus from your work. If you’re struggling to adjust, here are three simple things you can do that will help you be more productive while working from home.

1) Establish A Schedule – If you’re not accustomed to working from home, you may be shocked at how difficult it is. With no rules to speak of, it’s easy to get distracted. To counter this, adopt work time rules, including establishing a set time to start, periodic breaks, including a lunch break that sees you get away from your desk, and a definitive ending time to create more structure.

2) Use Tasks and Calendar – No matter what kind of computer you’re using, you can access a wide range of productivity tools to help you get and stay organized, including task managers and calendars that allow you to efficiently organize your day. Make heavy use of these to keep yourself on track and productive.

3) Dedicated Workspace – If you’re going to be working from home more than just occasionally, then it pays to create a dedicated space to work from, preferably a spare room in your home. Your dedicated workspace should be all business and free of unnecessary clutter and distractions to help keep you on task while you’re working.

Staying productive while working remotely can be challenging. If you implement the tips above though, you’ll be on the fast track to getting more done.

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